Where Do The Most Affluent People Live In Las Vegas?

If an individual’s net worth is high enough, they can pretty much live anywhere they choose to live. According to several studies, many well-heeled Americans are making Nevada, namely Las Vegas, the place that they call home. And it is not too difficult to see why that is the case. After all, the city, often referred to as sin city, is well known for its casinos, trendy bars and nightclubs, and all-around world-class entertainment.  But these are not the only things that make Las Vegas so alluring; there are subdued neighborhoods in and around this high-energy city that are just as alluring for other reasons.

What Factors Do Wealthy Homebuyers Consider When Deciding Where to Live in Las Vegas?

Many things can dictate where in Las Vegas affluent people want to live and spend their hard-earned dollars, age being one of them.  Available data shows that the median age of residents in sin city in 2021 was 37.8 years. It is reasonably safe to assume that endless casinos and world-class entertainment had something to do with that demographic choosing to live in specific Vegas neighborhoods and not others.  

But age is in no way the only thing that dictates where within Las Vegas’ affluent people are choosing to buy homes, enroll their children in school, and otherwise see themselves long-term.  Some people find interacting with tourists is something they thoroughly enjoy doing.  As such, these are the same people who often settle down in neighborhoods close to the famed Vegas Strip. But families with young children might prefer someplace with good schools and plenty of parks instead. And these are the individuals who are more likely to buy property somewhere on the outskirts of Las Vegas, far away from casinos, trendy bars, nightclubs, and the like.

Las Vegas Neighborhoods Where the Supremely Affluent Are Proudly Calling Home

According to the U.S. census, there are a few neighborhoods in Las Vegas and neighboring Henderson, NV where affluent homebuyers are snapping up the most homes.  And these neighborhoods are as follows:

MacDonald Highlands

Located just 15 minutes from the famed Vegas strip in nearby Henderson, NV, MacDonald Highlands is a guard-gated neighborhood with multi-million-dollar homes that boasts beautifully landscaped front lawns.  Among other things, MacDonald Highlands appeals to individuals and families who enjoy a good game of golf, which is not too surprising given that it is home to the DragonRidge Country Club.  For just a little bit of context, the DragonRidge Country Club is a prestigious 18-hole golf course equipped with a members-only clubhouse where residents are free to enjoy multiple swimming pools and world-class fitness centers.

The Ridges

For wealthy people who prefer to live smack dab in Las Vegas, the Ridges might very well be one of the best neighborhoods to call home.  In fact, this plush, guard-gated neighborhood has a reputation for attracting A-list celebrities, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and professional athletes.  Much like MacDonald Highlands, the Ridges, too, offers residents access to an 18-hole golf course and a clubhouse equipped with more amenities than one could shake a stick at, including swimming pools, fitness centers, and a sports court.  Of course, all of this comes at a hefty price insofar as the average home in the Ridges is $4.5 million.

Spanish Hills

If you desire a home in Las Vegas with plenty of square feet, you might want to check out Spanish Hills, another guard-gated neighborhood that boasts beautiful homes with a high price tag to match.  Available data shows that homes in this plush neighborhood are anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 square feet, many of which overlook the Vegas Strip and are in the multi-million-dollar range.  That said, if you choose to live here, you won’t be too far away if you ever feel compelled to mingle with the over 17,000 people strolling the Vegas Strip at any given hour of any given day or merely want to play a few games of blackjack.

Bottom Line

While this article only listed a handful of neighborhoods in and around Las Vegas that appeal to the wealthy, you should know there are many more, and they each offer something unique to would-be homebuyers.  If you’re in the market and need help finding your dream home, call me today! Jessica 702-840-4415