When Is The Best Time To Buy A Home In Las Vegas?

The decision to purchase a home is exciting and grand. Once you make this choice, you’ll have a number of details to sort out. Determining when exactly to purchase a house in Las Vegas is one of those details. Ultimately, the answer can vary depending upon your personal situation. However, you can look at the bigger picture too and examine some criteria that will help you to determine when to start searching and when to make the purchase.


The spring is typically a good time to purchase a house. Houses do tend to go on the market at this time of the year. Think about how much more inviting a house looks when all of nature’s colors in the yard are in full bloom. You can get a sense of how the property will look both inside and outside during this season. Furthermore, since more houses tend to go on the market during the spring than in other seasons, you’ll have more of a selection from which to choose.

Summer and Fall

While the inventory of houses may go down a bit as the summer months appear and fall comes into fruition, you also might find better prices. In short, houses that have been on the market since the spring might come down in price as the buyers grow more eager to make a sale. If you see a house you love that’s over your budget in the spring, you might want to keep an eye on the price as the weeks go on.

Personal Factors

Seasonal elements do tend to influence when people buy houses. Simply put, you’re likely to see more signs advertising houses for sale when the weather is warmer. Naturally, the housing market itself plays a role in when you decide to purchase a home too. However, you also must look at factors that are specific to your situation.

Schooling Considerations

If you have children who are going to attend school in the new neighborhood, you do likely want to move into your new home by the middle of the summer at the latest. Doing so will give your kids time to acclimate to the environment before starting at a new school. Also, your kids will be able to begin the school year at their new place of learning instead of having to switch midway through.

Budgetary Concerns

When the housing market is hot, you might have more difficult finding the home of your dreams and staying within the price range. During the winter, you may discover that homeowners are more eager to sell and more willing to negotiate. In other words, these home owners have decided to put their houses up for sale at a time that isn’t as popular for sales as others, so they may very well want to move quite quickly.

New Job

You might also be moving to Las Vegas because you got a job in the area. Trying to line up the purchase of your home with the start date of your new job is important. Attempting to commute from a great distance, such as from many towns away or even another state entirely, can put a strain on both your work and personal life. If you’re having difficulty lining up the times, you may want to rent for a bit first.

Future Plans

You also should consider what you’re planning to use the new house for. For example, if you are buying the property as a vacation house, as opposed to a space to live in all throughout the year, you likely want to try to purchase the house during a season when you’ll get to start vacationing in and enjoying your new dwelling right away.

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