Where Is The Best Place To Live In Henderson NV?

When it comes to choosing the best place to live, there are actually a number of different factors to consider and the best place for one person isn’t going to be the best place for another. For instance, young couples may want to live in a more densely packed suburb with lots of businesses within close walking distance and a fairly active nightlife. Families, on the other hand, may want to live in a more sparse suburb with larger tract sizes, excellent schools and very little traffic. Older couples, who may have already raised a family and are looking to enjoy the mild desert winters, might look for a different environment entirely. If you are thinking of moving to Henderson, NV, here are some of the best neighborhoods to live in and who they are right for.

With median home prices coming in at just under $300,000 in both neighborhoods, homes are still considered fairly affordable for residents who made a median income of just under $75,000 in Green Valley North or just under $80,000 in Green Valley South. Both neighborhoods are great for young couples or families that still want the amenities offered in a more dense suburb. Combined, the two communities offer a population of just under 80,000, which also means there are plenty of urban amenities in these communities. For those planning on renting, however, median rent prices in Green Valley North are slightly lower, coming in at around $1,300 as opposed to the $1,400 median prices in Green Valley South. Needless to say, as an outer suburb of Las Vegas, world class nightlife is also always just a short Uber ride away from both neighborhoods.



For those with larger families and more established careers that want larger tracts and quieter streets, Green Valley Ranch might be the best neighborhood for you. Green Valley Ranch is one of the most sparsely populated neighborhoods in Henderson, with a population of just over 20,000. With homes in Green Valley Ranch coming in at just under $370,000, they are also considered fairly affordable to residents with median incomes running just under $100,000. Green Valley Ranch also offers better than average schools, including a number of private schools and academies.


Located just southwest of Green Valley Ranch, Westgate offers a more dense suburban environment than Green Valley Ranch, with a population just over three times the size of Green Valley Ranch. With median home prices coming in right around $360,000, residents with a median household income of just under $90,000 should have no problem affording a nice home in Westgate. Although Westgate has a large population of retirees, the schools in Westgate are considered to be better than average. If you’re looking for some of the same luxury features of Green Valley Ranch but in a slightly more dense or urban environment, Westgate might be right for you.


With median home prices running just over $400,000, MacDonald Ranch is one of the more expensive communities in Henderson, although the median income is slightly lower than that of neighboring Green Valley Ranch, coming in just under $97,000. This is largely due to the high population of retirees living in MacDonald Ranch. With a population of just over 20,000, MacDonald Ranch offers the same sparse suburban atmosphere of Green Valley Ranch, with homes on large tracts, quiet streets and plenty of privacy. Although the population of MacDonald Ranch is thick with retirees, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of good schools, however, so MacDonald Ranch is a great place for older couples that might still have a teenager or two living at home.

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